Medical Clamp Design Inspired by Lowly Hair Clip

ITclampIf you think that the hair clip is good for nothing aside from keeping your hair in place, well think again because this everyday beauty accessory is the inspiration behind a lifesaving medical clamp designed by Dr Dennis Filips.

The medical clamp, called the ITClamp, is meant to be used as an emergency device for stopping the bleeding of traumatic wounds before proceeding with any other management or treatments. Instead of using your belt or cloth as a tourniquet, this simple clamp can be easily applied on the wounded area to stop the bleeding. It is especially handy for use in body parts where the use of tourniquets are not possible, such as your neck (Choke much?), groin and abdomen. However, note that the IT clamp is also not suitable for certain wounds, especially those that are too large and messy.

The ITClamp is already receiving much recognition and in fact received the EMS World “Top EMS Innovation of 2012 Award” last October.

Image via Innovative Trauma Care